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I found this game on steam while looking for some games that looked good to play and this game did not disappoint. The graphics were great and the story was amazing. Great Game!


This game was fun & scary, I loved it so much !! I got the good ending too :D Plus .. hello ?? The carpet from "The shining" !?!?!? :O 

Hahah glad you liked it and that you pick up the reference ;)

Holy teddys, this game was really good. Wasn't expecting such a long experience and with that many details in it's story. Such a shame I coudn't get all the cassettes, but I enjoyed every part of this!

Heya, thank you so much for the kind words and for the playthrough!



I played it and it was awesome! It reminded me of resident evil and a couple other indies, but it was great in its own right! I figured out where i went wrong during editing- i got the bad ending but I still enjoyed my time a lot!!

Hey! Awesome playthrough thanks for taking the time to make one and to post it!


Hey Dev I really enjoyed this game, puzzles were great, story was interesting, good scares too. Felt good to explore and puzzles never stumped me hard. Here's my playthrough 

Hey thanks for the really kind words at the end and for the playthrough :)

can someone explain why this game is called an fps when it's no fps at all?



Stellar game! Honestly wasn’t expecting as much as I got while playing, but this really surpassed my expectations! This is part one, but current im really enjoying the gameplay and story a whole lot! Good job dev 👍🏾

Heya thanks for the playthrough I am glad you are enjoying it so far :) Hope to see a part 2


This game is extremely well made. I enjoyed it very much. The jumpscares are crazy terrifying. Overall its a pretty good game. Keep up the good work. 

Hey thank you :) If you get a chance can ya leave a rating for the game?


this game is legit terrifying when you get going… the jumpscares are amazing. Didn’t get to finish it but defiantly going back for a part 2!! Thank you developer for this awesome game!! 

Posting my video if you want to see it!

Hey thank you so much for the playthrough and for the kind words :)



this game had me with chills really nice scares

Thank man! Glad you liked it.

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Thank you for creating this great game for us to play

You are welcome! I am glad you enjoyed it!


Terrific, horror filled perfection!

thanks for the pt 2 my dude


Oh yes! This was definitely a good time!


This is very well done! The backstory, the puzzles and all the good horror-y bits are very entertaining! A lot of good content here!

Heya Captain! Thank so much for playing :) glad you enjoyed it. If you get a chance can you leave a rating for the game?
I hope you make a part 2


Such a good game! Truly one of the best ive seen on scared the hell out of me but so much fun!

Nothing like being chased by a man in a bear costume to liven up your day!

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I dropped you a like and a sub I really enjoyed your video. I'm rushing to fix that typo at the end X-D. It's incredible how I can
program endless lines of codes and compile it error-free but then mess up my grammar on something like that.

Thanks again for the super kind words :)

If you get a chance can you leave a rating for the game?


I misspell my own last name so dont even worry about the typo, lol. Im at work but ill leave my review when i get home!

Thank you! :)

So many good things in this game! I think the highlight of it for me was the playroom with the doll! Overall though, this game is great at building tension, throwing new things at you constantly, and simple puzzles that never get boring. Not to mention behind an interesting story that left me wanting to know what had happened. I did experience a game breaking bug, but it didn't stop me from jumping back in and playing more!

Thanks so much for the playthrough I watched the whole thing. Thanks for including the bug in the video so I can fix it. 
I'll drop you a sub, thanks again!


No worries! Great stuff here!

I gotta say, this was probably the most fun horror game I've played in a while. I really enjoyed how all those puzzles flowed into one another. I do wonder, is there anything you can do with the book and the eagle crest? I couldn't figure that out. It has to be a secret ending, right? RIGHT?

Thanks for making games!

Hey! Thank you for your honest review of the game I'm glad you enjoyed it. The eagle crest allows you to get the last hidden tape in the game, explaining the connection between Director Foster and John. If you are wondering where to use the crest, in Director Foster's office there is a globe map attached to it is a shield it goes there :).

this game is honestly brilliant, the amount of content you get for free is criminal absolutely loved it, here's my play through of both endings had a great time with this!

Thank again sir. I really enjoyed the commentary at the end and thanks again for submitting that bug.


no problem mate, i really wanted to finish this, it was a quality game 10/10 man even with the bugs, i didn't mind replaying it because i found new things pretty much every time, thanks for the time you put in mate, and i look forward to seeing more from you!

There I might even get out of the orphanage alive

Good game development!

did you get the bad ending? :p thanks my dude

No, the game hasn't started yet!


Hello friend, very good game, I really enjoyed playing it, congratulations, I want you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, greetings friend...

Thanks for the playthrough mio!

This game was amazing. Very creepy and interesting. Great work! 

thank you very much good sir :)

best ever on itch 

Thank you :)

a really fun and entertaining game, however... you cant... god damn... save. i played this for an hour trying again and again and couldn't save in the end. luckily for you the viewer this is only the highlights so is only 5 minutes long. so enjoy this reaction compilation!!

Hey glad you enjoyed the game. What exactly happens when you try and save? I'm really interested and finding out so I can patch it out. No one else has had problems with the saving. The save files are stored in your user app data folders on your computer so if those files are getting deleted manually or automatically that might be the cause.

there was no save button. thats the issue. 


Oh so in the basement where you find the 2nd-floor key that's the save room. If you interact with the TV with the VHS player it will prompt you if you want to save the game.

this is by far one of the best games on itch to date! the fact that it is free is borderline criminal, the scares are brilliant, atmosphere is beyond tense and the story is brilliant well done!, part 1 gameplay above if you enjoy be sure to like and subscribe 
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Heya i'll be sure to shoot you a sub thank you!

so I'm not sure if you seen the vid my dude but if you skip to the end there was a slight little bug in the game and the reason i had to split this in 2, i think it was slightly my fault but the bear was chasing me and i went and saved exactly when he got me, when i done this is threw me outside the map, as i said it was probably more my fault than anything and it hasn't diminished my opinion about the game, I'm actually restarting later today for part 2 tonight but i thought i would let you know


So I did watch till the end and saw what happened it was very unfortunate. What happened is exactly what you thought happened. When the player dies his location is reset to 0  so when you died it saved the player's location as 0 which was that random point in the map where you ended up spawning. This was an unforeseen bug I didn't really think of in my testing so thank you for including it in the video. I plan on releasing a patch in a day or so with fixes. I'm just waiting to see if any other players find any other bugs to report. I kinda use as my testing grounds before I release my games to steam.

like i said im good with it i know it was more my own doing than anything, honestly i think this is a fantastic game so keep up the good work man you got a winner here 

Game was great and I loved the animation, especially when you entered the office, it was completely unexpected. I managed to find everything in the game easily, I think I only missed one audio tape. It was also fun to find all the notes, it was a quick task going through everything in each room, most of the time I would find the notes before the tapes would give me a direction.

Really loved the game and it was a lot of fun.

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Heya thanks you so much for the playthrough I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)

Really great story and a good creepy atmosphere. I kinda wish the other monster had a bit more presence in the game beyond the ending and 2 times you see him. But beyond that, nice job. I suggest putting this game on Steam.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Heya super glad you enjoyed the game. I do play on releasing the game on steam in the next 2-3 weeks :)

Captivating story with unnerving environment, good jumpscares and intense gameplay. The only issue I encountered was saving the game after I finished it the first time which would load me to the first game I finished. Teddy would also get stuck and stand in the way after placing the lullaby disk.

Heya thanks for the playthrough and for the bug report I'll see if I can patch that problem for the steam release :)

Hi there, here is the second part of my playthrough of the horror game. This game was really fun and interesting to play through overall, being able to gather all the parts of a teddy bear to help the main character's dearest friend, Eric to move on was really touching for me. I am kinda curious as to what the Eagle Crest is used for because I can't think of anywhere to use it. Other than that, the ending of the game was definitely a touching moment that I enjoyed. Will be looking forward to more games made by the creators in the future! :)

Heya the eagle crest is used on the shield connected to globe in the same room :)

One Hell Of A Ride. 5/5

Thank you for the playthrough :)

A true, masterfully crafted triumph of horror! 

This game took away literal 4 hours of my life and I never regretted downloading this masterpiece, on the contrary - I was very disappointed when it ended. 

Starting from the gameplay, the project is very simple, nothing overwhelming or troubling with the controls. Most of all, the unique design of movements and puzzle solving, which felt a bit off first time, but then I truly immersed in the game, thanks a lot to visuals and story. 

Visuals - some people might say this was an okay style to go with, but the attention to detail, the notes, the environment around the ominous playground and texturing - solid 10. 

The rest is just indescribable odyssey for me. This is for sure on my top 1 list of best horror, this year. Bravo! 


Heya Niven, Thank you so much for taking the time to make a review of the game and for all the nice and kind words. It really means a lot!
I'll have to look into why that door bugged out for you in your playthrough. I'll see if I can post a hot fix to patch it.

creepy story

Thank you for the playthrough :)

Amazing game with great atmosphere 

Heya thank you so much for the playthrough :)

No-commentary playthrough:

Looks and plays great, with a nice mix of atmospheric horror and jump scares. Decent story. medium difficulty. worth playing.

also, i searched high and low for hidden tape #4, but couldn't find it anywhere. is the ?????? tape actually the 4th hidden one?

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Heya thank you so much :) glad you enjoy the game great playthrough!
Hidden Tape #4 is actually nameless with a title of "????????". So if you found a tape by that name then you found them all :)

That would mean I found all of them, so thanks for clearing that up!

Loved it! Great story and very creepy location.

Thanks for another great playthrough Eva!

Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe as my channel.

I have not finished the game yet as I am currently stuck at what to do after where I left off so it would be cool if I could get some hints as to where to go next.

This was a really cool horror game that has a really interesting storyline and amazing visuals in the game. I love puzzles in horror games so this game definitely got my attention and patience in playing through the game. I love the puzzles in the game as there was a variety of puzzles that require different methods to solve.

Moreover, I also liked the amount of effort and time, put into all the details and visuals for each room of the orphanage and the main character's house as each room and place felt unique to the character who was using the room. The storytelling in the game was amazing, making use of both notes and voice-acting through the tapes to tell the players of the stories of different individuals in the orphanage. All the tapes link to each other and to one person, making the entire storyline more interesting and complete. I was also surprised by the fact that we get to see the main character's body and legs too! (Normally, the main character is invisible to the player when I play horror games.)

I liked the usage of well-designed jumpscares and the idea of a chaser being present in the school. I was actually kinda suspecting a chaser in the game due to how big the area of the game was and the interconnecting rooms on the first floor, allowing players to run around with the chaser. (Also, the music at the introduction scene definitely hyped me up to play the game and I liked that there were options to help in reducing workload on the computer XD)

This was a really cool game and I will be continuing the game probably the next day. I feel that this game is too good to be free but I myself am glad that I have gotten the opportunity to play such a high quality horror game for free as well. Keep up the good work! :)

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

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Heya DragonExplosion, thanks for the really kind well thought out, and extensive review of the game so far. It really makes all the hard work
worth it when someone like you really goes in-depth and notices all the attention to detail I put into this game. I am so glad you are enjoying the game so far if you need any hints or help ask away I will try and give some clues that don't totally give away what to do.

I'll definitely shoot you a sub on youtube and I wish you the best my dude :)