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The prologue left me a little confused and concerned about the main game. There's a bug where sometimes the cutscene won't activate and you'll have to restart and walk through the entire thing again. Fortunately, the main game leaves a really good first impression with the super creepy gore and spacious cabin. You're eventually introduced to the stalker enemy of the game in a very raw and direct way, and I really enjoyed that because it felt dynamic and real. 

The game eventually falls into a bit of a mediocre state with poor sound design in that you aren't able to tell where the killer is most of the time and that's pretty bad but eventually you'll come to find that it doesn't really matter. The stalker can never catch you unless you do something dumb. They're really slow and stupid, and sometimes you can lose them just by running around the back of a building.

The puzzle gameplay of running around and finding key items that unlock other places with more key items isn't one that I'm fond of but if that's your thing, this game has plenty of it. Solving the puzzles isn't unreasonably or overtly annoying - unless you consider the droning sound effects of the stalker chasing you with a chainsaw the entire time.

This is a perfectly average horror game, and I think it's worth playing just for the really cool gore scenes and initial horror factor.

Thanks for making games!

I had a lot of fun playing this game. Great atmosphere, I loved the gore in it with the VHS effect. The puzzles were easy to figure out, but they were tied together very well. The game was polished, only running 2 bugs, one being that the prologue just broke, so I had to reset the game and the other being that the chainsaw man didn't move and camped the living room locker. Both seen in this video below. A suggestion, instead of the lockers not being able to hide in when the chainsaw dude is chasing you, you should have it so that you can go in there, but he takes you out of the locker and does a special kill. Make the player weaker, for the chainsaw man a bit stronger. Give a purpose to the living room thing, other than a locker it was a dead room. 9/10.


Had so much fun playing this!! 


Very good immersion, heavy atmosphere, a simple but effective gameplay, a hide and seek system, I loved especially the morbid place of the house, I liked the side "VHS" which gives a very good artistic side

PS : Maybe a little checkpoint 

Thank you! :)


Nice one :) Now I wanna play the second one ^^


Thank you :)


Really great game, all aspects executed really well, to the lockpicking, the puzzles, and the killer, really enjoyed the game, looking forward to more from you!

Heya thanks for the playthrough! Glad you enjoyed it, I should have another game coming out towards the end of the month.


We beat the game hehehehe ♥

Those glasses doe! hahaha Thanks for playing!


Pretty solid game, super fun too.

Thanks for making not one but four playthrough videos :) glad you enjoyed it!


Of course, gotta beat the game :)

Great game, had some good scares playing it, take a look at my vid if you want to see what its about. Plz like and subscribe if  you like the vid

Heya great reactions hahaha I sent a sub your way

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Hit a bit of a weird bug towards the end of the prologue and unfortunately I had to move on to the main game without finishing it! It would just freeze when returning to the SUV. Had a lot of fun but couldn't bring myself to finish (because I'm a big baby...). Regardless, I had a fun time getting spooked and really liked it! Thanks for sharing it here with everyone!

Heya thanks for taking the time to play and game and make a playthrough :)


This was a very cool horror game. I had fun trying to collect all the pieces and escape from this awful nightmare. At times I didn't even notice how close the killer was to me until he started hitting me. Haha, its  not the game it is all me due to my deafness. Also, I stated some of my critiques at the end of the video. I hope you have another one coming out for Halloween! Thanks for making the game and I am looking forward to more from you!

Thanks for the video and for the rating! I really enjoyed watching your playthrough. And you made some very good points/critiques. This game relies heavily on audio and for you to still be able to enjoy it so much really brings a smile to my face.
Thanks again :) 


I'm a huge fan of slasher films and you did an excellent job at recreating the tension and shock value of them. Great job. Keep up the good work! 

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the game! I'll send a sub your way!

i havent even played it yet but im ready & horrified. :')

:) Well if you do play it I hope it spooks ya!


Heavy STAY OUT OF THE HOUSE vibes, this game is very well done! Can't wait for BIOCIDE :)

Full Playthrough No Commentary - 

Hey! Thanks glad you liked it and glad you dig Biocide :)


Trapped in a crazy HORROR house with a CRAZY chainsaw maniac...With time running out, lost and confused. I must piece all the pieces together while hiding for this CRAZY chainsaw maniac. Will I make it out and survive this madman??? Find out in this video...

Loved this game buddy the chase scenes and the jump scares had me on the edge of my seat. It was really difficult but fun. Thank you for making this mate. 10/10.

Thanks so much for the review and the kind words :) keep an eye on for the next one! Really enjoyed your playthrough!

When is the next one coming out??

Hey I'm trying to get one out by mid-late October for Halloween!

nice looking forward to it


I definitely had to make a video on this game it was great tbh.

Bro you had me laughing so hard great vid!


[Gameplay en Español]

The game has been very good!. Collecting objects in a dark place while a mad murdered is chasing you, Good job :D I liked it!


Thanks for making a playthrough :) glad you enjoyed the game!


The true horror experience with this game it was creepy as hell very dark and the guy with the chainsaw wasn't to over powering and wasn't able to catch you  so easily. great work my friend.

Heya thanks for making a playthrough :D I'll send a sub your way.


Thank you and great work

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I absolutely love the menu music! It doesn’t appear to be listed in the credits. Is it an original track, and if so, does it happen to be on any streaming services?

Heya, I wrote some of the music for the game but the title track was written by Hypnos Audio. I purchased the rights to use it for the game

The link only has a sample for the audio I don't think the full song is online anywhere. The track has no title.


This game REALLY tested my mental fortitude, and I failed lol. Both rage and fear at the same time. But overall, a truly fun and intense game, absolutely worth a playthrough. Looks and plays great, fun gameplay loop, and cool light puzzles. I gave my actual review at the end of the video, ignore anything I said during my rage moments LOL. Great work!

Heya, Thanks for the playthrough man. I read your full review in the rate section and I really appreciate you taking the time the write your true feelings on the game. Sorry you had a rough day bro I can definitely relate to having days like that as a game developer. Some days I feel like I cant get anything to work right hahaha. But I was laughing my ass off on your playthrough your editing was top-notch! I shot you a sub on youtube. Thanks again!


Thanks for understanding lol. Again, if I said anything mean at all in my playthrough, I apologize. The game was so much fun, I was thinking about it all day today! Btw thanks for the sub!!


really enjoyed it the story, scares, and puzzles was amazing i love this game and very well made cant wait for more bangers.

Heya thanks for the kind words and for the playthrough! I'm glad you liked it. I should have another game coming in about a month for Halloween so keep an eye out for it. I shot you a sub on your channel as well. Thanks again!

Hello bro, I was going to record your game, but I noticed a lot of fps drops during the game, maybe it's because I recorded it on hd, my pc has 8gb and it couldn't handle recording the game very well, I really liked it! good work

Heya thanks for playing and for the kind words. The game is made with Unreal Engine 4 which can is pretty demanding and I know video capture can be pretty demanding as well so 8gb might be a little slim to do both.


The game reminds me alot of the Scythe Dev Deatm's Northbury Grove games." Nice job. It has great atmosphere and it was fun. I'll keep an eye out for your next game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Hey thanks for taking the time to make a playthrough, I really enjoyed some of the Northbury Grove games as well. I'll shot a sub your way on your channel


That was one hell of a Ride. 5/5

Hey, thanks for playing really glad you enjoyed it!


Very unique atmosphere. The game reminded me of "Dead By Daylight", which is a multiplayer game, because the vibes are kind of same, chainsaw guy trying to hunt you down and the main protagonist trying to do tasks, get the fuel for the generator, similar to that. Of course, that's a huge compliment for the game, because instead of making it a VHS type homage to 80s and 90s horror, it does a good job of representing the tension and thrill of the situation, which is realistic, in  a way. 
AI gives the player anxiety, which pumps the game to the stars.
Really neat experience, hope to see more. Great Job Dev. 

Thanks for the kind words :)


Очень мыльная графика,фонарик поярче можно было сделать

Why is a 20ish minute game that looks like this 4GB? Not saying it looks bad, but it's certainly not "high fidelity". There is definitely a lot of wasted space here. It's not just you, but indie devs these days really seem to have no idea what "optimization" is.

Yea I hear you I did everything I could in unreal to bring the package size down but I assume its the texture quality that is taking up most of the space.


Great game. Love the VHS effect and atmosphere.

Thanks for taking the time to play and recording a playthrough :)


Loved it! The atmosphere made the game tense and the killer really kept me on my toes.

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Thanks for playing :) I always enjoy your playthrough videos I hope your channel continues to grow!

Thanks! I enjoy playing your games.


That was a lot of fun. That killer had some good jumpscares when he bashed through doors. And i can definitely appreciate a maniac in a Jason mask. Nice job, dude! Thanks for the fun!

haha hell yea man had some good laughs watching you play you're commentary is pretty funny.


Thanks, dude! I'm always happy to hear that a dev enjoys my vid of their game. Having a good game to play makes it easier to keep the vid entertaining. So I appreciate you making my job easy haha


It's strange being the first person to upload a gameplay commentary video alongside a critique on someone's developer game page! As is true, there's a first time for everything.

You wake up in a dark and gory house after being kidnapped by a chainsaw-wielding maniac and realizing you're the sole survivor having been spared the same horrible fate as your friends, you need to survive and find a way to leave the prison that is the murderer's property (since it is gated and locked). 

This game is very straightforward: escape; there isn't any deep lore to uncover, or backstory to make us sympathize or understand the villain and their actions, nor any mandatory side objectives to complete that hinder the protagonist from continuing the main story objective. 

It is a blissfully simple horror game with general mechanics set in an unfathomably horrific atmosphere with surprisingly unpredictable AI. 

Though the game is literally too dark, I enjoyed it. The visuals are highly detailed and disturbing gory messes and the antagonist is rightfully scary.  For those interested, it should be a fun game to speedrun having to outrun the chainsaw man while completing the objectives. 


Thanks for the playthrough you made some good points about the lighting. I enjoyed the commentary has me cracking up.