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October 16th, 1987

Black Ridge Mountains

Private investigator Matthew Barker is on his way to meet up with his partner Daniel Houghton. A recent string of disappearances possibly linked to a serial killer in the town of Black Ridge has left the sheriff's department stretched thin.

Matthew and Daniel have been tasked by the sheriff's department to investigate a manor located in the outskirts of Black Ridge. The MacCarthy family, owners of the manor are thought to have disappeared and left the manor abandoned over a year ago. Locals have reported strange sightings and sounds from the areas surrounding the manor.

Once the investigation is complete they are to report any findings to The Black Ridge Sheriffs Department.

Exsanguinate is a puzzle-intensive giant escape room-style survival horror game.  Solve fun but challenging puzzles while being stalked by a clever AI.

Explore the mansion.

Find the clues.

Solve the puzzles.

Survive the night.

 Exsanguinate is a companion game that takes place in the same universe as another game of mine called:
A third game will be released that will link all three together in the town of Black Ridge.

Meat Saw is free to play and can be downloaded at the link above.

Recommended Minumum Computer Specs

Graphics Card: GTX 1070

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz

Ram: 16 GB


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Exsanguinate.zip 1 GB
Version 4


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I really liked the intro, I really liked the first 30 minutes. TRULY! But then it became the same running fest with the 2nd type of enemy. I wanted to play a puzzle/atmosphere game with occasional enemy encounters but I had to be disappointed again. But you've done so well with the environment and atmosphere... I am sad now. I just can't make myself to play these usual "unbeatable enemy incoming you can only run or hide but if you hide you have to come out and it's still there somewhere" games.

Thanks anyway, a nice first 30m is still more than nothing :)

Would love to see you participate in my Game Jam!

hey i didnt seem to see the game here so i got it from steam sadly :( but on the other hand it was fun ... i ranted a bit in my vid of it cuz i had to cut it in two parts but nonetheless it was fun ... i cant post my vid here cuz so far i only edited part 1 of the game but if you are interested you can always drop on my poor channel :D


Heya no worries! Glad you liked it I'd love to check out your playthrough

i have this for now :D


Very nice! I really enjoyed the video some funny parts ill drop you a sub


oh dang ! thank you you were the 100 mark i think so you are extra special :D 

will updates posted here


Great game, look forward to your next game!

Thank you! :)


Very much enjoyed this one. After playing MeatSaw I knew I was in for a treat and the game didn't disappoint. Love the puzzles and the story, but personally, I did wish I was under threat just a little bit more.

killer soundtrack too!

Thanks so much, CJU!

How do you get the Copper and Gold Masks? I can't seem to find clues on how to unlock them

Check the pictures hanging on the wall in the bear room one of them has a clue on the order of the bells for the gold mask. The sheet music for the piano is in the kitchen, light all the candles should help you see it laying on the countertops.

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Thanks!!! Loving the game btw

No worries! Thank you! I'm glad you dig it :)

also where can I the left arm for the doll?

Check the bathroom or the library both that arms are in those rooms I forget which is left and which is right 

Hey buddy! I love the game atmosphere and developement, its sick! keep it up <3

Thank you so much :)

The game is very well made, tense and scary, and the puzzles are reasonable. My only issues with it were with the damage not fading/healing, which made some parts almost impossible due to the blur.

Heya thanks for playing :) You make a very valid point about the blood screen I'm gonna do a hot patch before the steam release to fix this. I'll remove the blur and red but leave the heartbeat so the player knows he's almost dead still.

Awesome game. Great atmosphere and puzzles. 

Hey! Thanks for replying to my email and making a video! I enjoy the playthrough from start to finish

crazy,shit!Thats actuelly very god Indie Horror game.

Exsanguinate | Gameplay | 01 | No Escape - YouTube

Heya thanks for playing :)

Very cool game! The killer lady is a little bit too fast and aggressive, but still fun and creepy.

Heya I'm uploading an update that with some adjustments to the AI makers her slower and changing her patrol path so the same is overall easier.

Hey I gave it a go it did enjoy the puzzles and the atmosphere the doll that chases you is a little frustrating especially when your halfway through doing a puzzle and your stamina runs out to quick and the doll can chase you quite fast but everything else was great.


Quit after an hour. Great presentation quality, but the nurse looking monster chasing constantly became so tedious -- it wasn't scary, just annoying. Died and the game didn't have a savepoint after getting 2 items. 

Hey sorry, you weren't happy with that game. I tried to space the checkpoints out so it would be a little more rewarding to get them.  I understand what your saying though. Thanks for giving it a try though I appreciate it.